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We help small and medium-sized organizations transition to remote working.

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Remote working can be challenging for teams, and costly for your business

Let us help you manage the change

We’ll work with you to improve how your distributed team collaborates by creating and implementing new physical and digital workflows, rhythms, and communication that better serves your team and organization.

We’ll help you:

  • develop a remote-work policy
  • improve team communications and video conferencing
  • optimize meetings for a remote, distributed team
  • set up the right collaboration tools for your team
  • build collaborative documentation
  • streamline your workflows, automate tasks
  • adapt to change as it arises
Book a free 15min session

Remote Friendly is a remote-work consultancy led by Jeremy Zilar that combines human-centered design and strategic business consulting to help organizations make the transition to a remote-first work culture.

Jeremy Zilar has deep experience leading cross-functional teams through transformational change.

He is currently the Director of, a program that helps government teams deliver better, more accessible digital services for the public. Previously, he was at The New York Times for almost a decade where he helped to transition the Times to a digital-first organization that operates from multiple locations around the world.

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